We use our expertise in consumer behaviour and analytical skill to help organisations understand their market, offerings, and customers.

Evidence-based insights

Guided by your brief, we tailor our methodological approach to provide evidence-based, clear, and compelling insights that directly inform decision-making.

Image showing abstract concept of the data points behind every customer.

Market and audience

Map your competitive landscape and get a deeper understanding of your target audiences.

Systematic market exploration which includes gathering competitive intelligence, analysis of market size, and identification of opportunities for new brands, products, or services. 

An in-depth understanding of your category, including how brands, products, and services are used by different audiences, typical usage patterns, consideration sets, the viability of specific segments, and the relationship between attitudes and consumption habits.

Get a comprehensive understanding of your audience and customers by creating segments and personas based on demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioural variables. 

Brand and comms

Build compelling brand strategies and ensure communications are delivering ROI.

Track how your brand is performing against your key competitors. Measure how your marketing initiatives are performing in-market and how they are impacting brand perceptions. 

Pre-test advertising creative concepts to determine which ones resonate with your audience. Refine and optimise creative concepts through experimental methods.

Informed by segmentation, develop unique and compelling customer value propositions that resonate and connect with your key audiences by communicating how the brand provides value.

Products and services

Develop winning products and services from scratch or optimise in-market offers.

Develop winning products with commercial impact through territory development, concept claims and feature ideation and screening.

Service blueprinting provides a deep understanding of an organisation’s service and the underlying resources – both seen and unseen by customers – that make it possible. 

Refine and optimise concept claims, features, and attributes to arrive at the optimal product design based on simulations of in-market performance. 

Customer experience

Analyse the customer experience at every touch point to identify areas for improvement.

Create a detailed map depicting how customers interact with your brand at every touchpoint including needs, desires, goals, pain points, delight points, emotions, and moments of truth in order to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Track customer satisfaction, loyalty, churn and net promoter score to monitor performance, and identify areas for improvement over time.

Understand user experiences across your digital channels to pinpoint how functionality, engagement, and conversions can be improved, and test the impact of improvements through experimental methods.

Discover what customers are willing to pay for a product or service, and in doing so, determine the optimal price points to maximise profit, revenue, or market share.

Employee experience

Analyse employee experience and develop more effective acquisition and retention strategy.

Employee personas or ‘fictional representations of employee segments’ – help organisations understand their employees’ needs and motivations. Employee personas are crucial in tailoring communication, training, and benefits to improve engagement and retention, resulting in a positive employee experience.

Employee value propositions (EVP) are the benefits and rewards offered by an employer to employees. A clear and compelling EVP that aligns with employees’ needs and goals can improve satisfaction, engagement, and retention, leading to better organizational performance.

Employee journey maps visualize employee experiences from recruitment to exit. Understanding employee journeys helps organisations enhance employee experience, retain employees, and drive business outcomes.

Organisations need to understand their employees’ behaviour, preferences, and motives to create a targeted recruitment strategy, optimise training programs, retain talent, and increase productivity. By tapping into individual goals and objectives, organisations can uncover unique value and offer personalisation, increasing employee satisfaction and giving a competitive advantage in building an engaged workforce.

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