What is Dassier?

Dassier is a portmanteau of data dossier.

Much like our business intelligence software, it symbolises the collection of all available data and insights about a specific industry, market or brand in one centralised business reporting system.

The beginning

In 2012 we became frustrated with the ineffectiveness of ‘self service’ business intelligence software.

Our mission

We help businesses to monitor and analyse their performance to discover the opportunities hidden in their data.

What we do

We collaborate closely with our clients to build bespoke business intelligence and dashboard reporting software.

Our values

To keep a competitive edge in the business intelligence industry, innovation underpins everything we do.

We are always learning, experimenting and looking for ways to improve our capabilities. This ultimately means we can continue to deliver the best possible business intelligence solutions, user experiences, and project experiences to our clients.

Being a custom agency means that collaboration, relationships, flexibility and responsiveness are at the heart of what we do. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our client’s internal teams.

We bring together technical expertise in graphic design, user experience, data analytics, software development, and database architecture to deliver busines intelligence software that always exceed expectations.

We think of ourselves as engaging in clever creativity to build business intelligence tools that are not only visually engaging, but also deliver powerful levels of analysis and insight for end users.

The strongest partnerships are built on trust. That’s why you will always get complete transparency and honesty from us. We use candour and work without any sugarcoating or fluff.

We do whatever it takes to make the user experience seamless. This means constantly going above and beyond to ensure our solutions are smooth, visual, engaging, and insightful.

Meet the founders

Vlad Demsar

Managing Director

Experienced consultant with a background in data analytics, market research, marketing strategy and software development.

Boris Petric

Head of Development

Experienced full stack developer with experience in SaaS, browser based applications, database design and solutions architecture.

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