We offer a range of amazing features to take your business intelligence and data visualisations to the next level.

Being a custom agency allows us to work with you to develop almost anything you can think of.

Custom visualisations

Our team works collaboratively with you to design and build custom data visualisations that reflect your business reporting needs. No compromises, no clunky self-service editing tools.

Create snapshot pages, infographics, complex reports and data stories. Reflect your unique brand style guide and generate any type of chart imaginable.

Create an access hierarchy to aggregate results differently for each user or show different visualisations and reports to each level of your organisational structure.

Powerful analysis

Create complex metrics which calculate on the fly from your raw data and display in your business reporting dashboard (i.e. segment allocations, incremental sales or customer conversion hierarchies).

Cut and slice your data using any variable. Easily switch between views with the click of a button so you can analyse different industries, categories or segments.

Create an infinite number of filters to drill down into specific data stories. Filters can range from simple to highly complex and specific.

Combine data sources

We bring all of your data sources together into a single centralised database for analysis and link them together through an index.

This allows us to build data visualisations and analysis functions using variables from any of your data files at the same time for unprecedented insight.

Perform analysis across marketing and sales data to determine advertising effectiveness, track how customers experience each touchpoint, all at the click of a button.

Automated alerts

We can flag any event or change in the dashboard or back end database to trigger a push or email notification.

Want to be notified if there is a drop in ad recall? Or negative feedback about creative? if dissatisfied customers are not followed up quickly enough?

Set up bespoke notification alerts that notify specific users or groups of users when a particular event occurs.

Easy data preparation

Our data analysts can work with you to clean and format your data sources so you can import them into your business intelligence software seamlessly.

Each time you upload, the software checks your files automatically, notifying you if there are any issues and telling you how to fix them.

We can also set up API and FTP procedures for automatic processing and uploading of raw data straight from the source.

Premium support

We provide responsive, flexible and constant portal maintenance and tech support so you can get help any time you need it.

But our service does not stop there. We continuously work with you to collaboratively upgrade and enhance your dashboard.

As we explore and adapt new technologies and innovative processes, we work with you integrate them into your existing system so you never get left behind.

What else do we offer?

Each business intelligence platform is paired with an administrator login, which allows the admin to upload data, write commentary, manage user access hierarchies, and send notifications, amongst other things. The admin can also check all data uploads and changes in the test portal before publishing them to end users.

We provide two types of training for end users. When a solution is launched, we can run training workshops to show users how to navigate and use the portal. Each business intelligence platform can also be programmed with live tutorial guides, tips, and walk throughs so users can continue to learn on the fly.

The reports and data displayed on each page can be exported to PDF, Excel or PowerPoint at any time. This allows users to use the data as an input for presentations, internal reports or other calculations.

Our business intelligence solutions are all browser based applications. There is no software or native apps to download. You can access your software from any where, any time, on any device with a modern browser and an internet connection. 

All of our solutions are secured against potential vulnerabilities through the highest grade encryption possible. We also work with our clients to conduct regular audits to ensure all security requirements are met and constantly maintained.

Let's talk about your data and reporting requirements